Reclaiming Your Landscape


You’re sitting outside on your patio enjoying the Oklahoma weather. You start noticing all of the details of your yard. That’s when you realize your landscape is not as great as when you left it last summer. Flowers have died, bushes are overgrown, you can’t remember the last time you used fertilizer, and there are remnants of what used to be a pond. All of the sudden you’re overwhelmed by the amount of landscaping that has to happen to put your yard back into top shape. Don’t worry! Here are a few tips from the residential lawn care experts in Tulsa to help you reclaim your yard.

Figure out your space. Do you have kids in the backyard or dogs that run around? Be honest with yourself. If you want a pond, you’ll have to make sure it’s away from where your furry friend hangs out, or you could have mud all over the carpet inside. The best way is to pay attention to where everyone is when you’re spending time outdoors in Tulsa, and take note. Separate your yard based on who uses what space, and plan your landscape around that.

Soak in the sun. Know what kind of light you get in your space. The worst thing is to buy a bunch of plants and flowers for your Tulsa landscape only to find out there’s not enough or too much sun on them. Go outside at different times of the day and take pictures; note where the sun is and for how long. When you plan your dream landscape, pay attention to the type of plant you want and how much sun is required. Once you know that, you can get the plants you want and not be disappointed when you finally get to enjoy the landscape. Knowing how much time you want to put into lawn care can help you decide what you want to do. Also, remember your furry, four-legged friends when deciding on your plants. Some plants can be highly toxic to cats and dogs. There are several places throughout Tulsa where you can talk to an expert on what will affect your pet.

Upkeep. This is probably the part you forgot last time you were landscaping your yard. To keep your landscape looking great, remember the basics of residential lawn care in Tulsa. You don’t want to lose control of weeds or over grown bushes. Take the time to pull weeds, edge the lawn, upkeep the pond. Take a couple hours early in the morning before it gets too hot, or you’re more likely to push it off until things are out of control.

Hire a professional. It’s okay to admit when you’re in over your head when it comes to landscaping. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost the battle. Maybe you have your dream landscape and need some weed control help. There are professionals in Tulsa who can turn your landscape dreams into a reality. Oklahoma Landscape, your residential lawn care Tulsa experts, can help you turn your lawn from drab to fab.

Enjoy! What’s the point in putting in all of this time and money into your Tulsa landscape if you’re not going to enjoy it? You worked hard. You have the space for the kids to play, the dog to run around, and a place for you to relax. Use it and enjoy the weather Tulsa has to offer you. Be proud of the work you did!

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