Residential Lawn Care Tulsa During Fall

Residential Lawn Care Tulsa

Sweater weather is here, so it’s time to give up your diet and taking care of your lawn, right? Sorry, the answer is no. We’ll let you talk to your trainer about the diet, but we have a few things to say about maintaining your Tulsa residential lawn throughout the colder months.

There is a common misconception that when fall and winter come, lawn care is over. You may rake the leaves and shovel some snow during these times, but that’s the extent of the work. Fall and winter is actually the time when your residential lawn needs the most attention.

The heat and sun of summer is hard on your lawn. Fall is the time your lawn recovers. Give it the attention and nutrients it needs. Pushing it off until winter won’t help. Winter is when you really need to focus on reinforcing below ground root systems in your residential lawn. Without these deep roots, your lawn will not look as great come spring.

These things can take work, and you probably don’t have as much time or help as you did over the summer. School is in full swing, fall sports have taken over every Saturday morning, and the neighborhood help is back at college. There is help available, though. Oklahoma Landscape has professionals who can do all of the worrying about your residential lawn for you.

We have a 7-step residential lawn program that keeps your Tulsa lawn looking great. We are locally owned, so we understand that it might be in the 50s one day and the 80s the next. We’ve seen the winter weeds that come up. We know how that can affect your residential lawn, and we know how to help keep it looking its best year round.

You might be thinking you should wait until spring to even decide what to do with your Tulsa residential lawn. Have more faith in you’re your residential lawn. Just like that diet, now is the time to take control of things. You know if you stop for a few months, good things won’t happen. So when winter hits, you don’t give up on your diet, you adjust it to incorporate all of those holiday splurges of sweets. The same thing happens for your residential lawn. Going months without lawn care will set your lawn back.

Whether you’re looking for someone new to help you maintain your Tulsa residential lawn, or you’ve never done anything to your lawn, now is the time to add in a maintenance schedule. Give Oklahoma Landscape a call, and let us implement our 7-step weed and lawn fertilization system to get your lawn looking its best. We’ll worry about your Tulsa residential lawn, so you can worry about getting to the game on time.

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