Overseeding Tulsa

Overseeding, Fescue Seeding

Cooler weather is settling in which means fall is coming. Time to stop caring for your Tulsa lawn, right? Wrong. Now is the time to get started overseeding in preparation for next year’s summer lawn.

Having a great lawn doesn’t mean you stop midway through the year. That’s like trying to get a bikini body or six pack abs but not working out just because swimsuit season is over. It’s always easier to maintain than it is to start from scratch. No worries, if you are starting out taking care of your landscape and lawn for the first time. This is the perfect season to get started.

Fescue seeding is important to make up for the natural occurring slow down of grass growth. You may notice in some areas of your lawn where the grass is not quite as thick, especially in high traffic area. With overseeding, you’re filling in, so to say, those thinner spots.

Overseeding your Tulsa lawn with fescue is also helpful to withstand bugs and plant diseases. Older lawns that are exposed to the same constant bugs and plant diseases start loosing their ability to recover from infestations, even if it’s only a small one. By overseeding with fescue, you’re giving your lawn a new tool to help on the defensive.

Now is the best time to get fescue overseeding done. The weather is cooler, and not overbearing; making it the perfect weather for germination, seed growth. It’s also not so close to winter that the seeds will freeze and be useless.

This is one of those times hiring a professional would be the best way to go. Armed with knowledge and experience, the experts at Oklahoma Landscape know what combination of fescue seeds and what fertilizer to use to get your Tulsa overseeding lawn to grow to its fullest potential. We have 100% fescue seeds with no weed seeds, and we’ll make sure you know the best watering schedule in order to help promote seed growth.

Just like those six pack abs, thick and luscious lawns don’t happen overnight. It takes time and commitment. We know you’re busy, so we’ll make it as easy and quick for you to keep your lawn looking amazing year round. Give us a call and we can get fescue seeds into your Tulsa lawn while the weather is perfect for overseeding.

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