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Your landscape is an investment that needs the same maintenance and care that a car or a home needs. Urban trees and landscapes are often under considerable stress simply because they are growing under artificial conditions. The trees and shrubs growing in our lawns are not benefiting from Nature’s recycling process. Under natural forest conditions, the organic materials that fall to the forest floor decompose and replenish the nutrients in the soil. We, on the other hand, rake up and discard the leaves, grass clippings, and other litter. Fertilization can be defined as the addition of required nutrients to the soil to improve plant health. Our varied methods of fertilizer applications will help your trees, shrubs and plants maintain their vitality and beauty.

Every Landscape is unique, and our seasoned team of horticultural experts develops a custom 6-step ornamental & shrub care program to address the specific needs for your shrubs and ornamental trees. This custom care program involves insect and disease protection, dormant oil treatments, and deep root feeding. Our ornamental tree and shrub care specialists keep every plant looking its best while also maintaining a watchful eye on its health, protecting it from damaging insects and diseases. With such meticulous attention, it’s no wonder why landscapes under our custom care programs quickly become the pride of the neighborhood.

The Oklahoma Landscape Plant Health Care Program Consists of:

Round 1 - Deep root feeding is the most effective method of delivering essential nutrients to ornamental trees & shrubs. We inject a 20-20-20 + Micro-nutrients, Systemic Insecticide, & Iron.

Round 2 - Foliar applications are applied directly onto the foliage of trees and shrubs when needed to help control many insects, disease, & pests. We will be applying PHC Bloom, general purpose Insecticide/Fungicide.

Round 3 - PHC (Plant Health Care) Inspections and treatment establishes a series of inspections to monitor pest populations & plant health on your property as specified by your technician. Our plant health care technician will inspect and apply only on the needs of your landscape.

Round 4 - Our technicians will be performing an insect and disease inspection as well as applying a foliar spray for fall color and a slow release granular fertilizer.

Round 5 - Deep root fertilization and root stimulation will strengthen the plant before going into the winter months. Spot checking and treating for any leaf chewing insects that may be damaging your greenery.

Round 6 - The horticultural oil treatment is a superb and time tested management procedure that is safe and effective. It is applied to all surfaces to help manage certain scale, aphids, adelgid and spider mites. This treatment utilizes highly refined oil that can both smother the pests and disrupt normal metabolic functions.

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